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Every step of our wonderful journey is crafted with care

Let’s be honest: we are coffee nerds. True believers in the power of coffee. Preachers of the fundamentals of a good brew. To us, coffee roasting is the epitome of art and science, and we just can’t get enough.

Good coffee is in our genes

Our family has been growing and making coffee for generations. After completing an engineering degree and forging a successful career in the financial services industry, our founder returned to the family business after a long period of soul searching.

Since opening the BeanCraft doors in 2009, we’ve sought to challenge the status quo and are constantly evolving as a result. We can never know enough about coffee, and are always sourcing, sampling, roasting, cupping and exploring the coffee universe. Our findings inspire us to adjust and refine the way we make our specialty coffee – while staying true to our family heritage.

The family grows ever larger

We work with some of the best producers of coffee around the world. Now part of our growing family of coffee enthusiasts, we’re united in our passion and love for coffee.

The same can be said for all the people who work with us, from roasters and drivers to trainers and technical staff. Their dedication and belief in our work pushes us to achieve more and do better. We simply couldn’t function without them.