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Every step of our wonderful journey is crafted with care

Let’s be honest: we are coffee nerds. True believers in the power of coffee. Preachers of the fundamentals of a good brew. To us, coffee roasting is the epitome of art and science, and we just can’t get enough.

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Teramuka - Kenya - 200g


Teramuka - Kenya - 200g

Owned by Chania Mwahota Ikai. This microlot is home to fertile volcanic soils & very high growing elevantions, resulting in  fully developed flavours and a beautifully balanced coffee. Teramuka holds an impressive Q-score of 88.

The Nakaru region of Kenya is best known for the Nakaru Lake, where thousands of flamingoes gather. But we are in more of a flutter over the dominant blackcurrant, berry jam & dark chocolate notes of this one-of-a-kind coffee.


In pursuit of the finest cup of coffee, we go out into the world to learn more about our craft - the four pillars of coffee: The farmer, roaster, tools for the craft & the brewistas.
In doing so, we pick up lots of helpful information that influences the way we work. Discover some of these unique insights through our guides & blog below.