Monsoon - India - 225g

Monsoon - India - 225g

Monsooned coffee is unique to India. After harvest, the green coffee beans are exposed to the annual monsoonal winds, through open-sided concrete warehouses. As the beans absorb the moisture from the humid winds, they expand in size and take on a unique flavour, colour and present a reduced acidity, making it one of lowest acidic coffees in the world.

Monsooned Malabar sports an earthy flavour and is surprisingly smooth with a heavy body, moderate sweetness and mild acidity. Cupping notes of maple & nutmeg. This coffee needs to be aged a little in order to experience an awesome cup and we recommend it as milk based coffee brewed approx. 4 weeks after roast date.

Note: Need it ground? just mention it in your comments while ordering. Make sure you check our brew recommendation images for the roast.