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Filter Lovers Pack - Christmas 2019 - Beancraft
Filter Lovers Pack - Christmas 2019 - Beancraft

Filter Lovers Pack - Christmas 2019

The Filter Lovers gift pack contains everything needed to start a journey into filter coffee. The Hario Metal Drip decanter is a beautiful and functional dripper, with a metal mesh filter. This metal filter negates the need to purchase additional filter papers and provides a crisp clarity to the cup. 
We've teamed the Hario Metal Dripper with the Hario Mini Slim Pro hand grinder and two filter roast coffees.
Kercha Woreda is our Ethiopian Single orgin with wonderful notes of dark chocolate, grapefruit and tea. Hacienda Pilas is our newest reserve filter from Costa Rica; experience peach, apricot and caramel notes from this rainforest and UTZ certified microlot.
Pack contains:
1 x Hario Metal Drip Decanter
1 x Hario Mini Slim Pro Grinder
1 x 200g Kercha Woreda
1 x 200g Hacienda
*Please note all coffee will be shipped as whole beans. If you wish to have your coffee pre-ground, please leave a note with your grind preference at the checkout.