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Let’s be honest: we are coffee nerds. True believers in the power of coffee. Preachers of the fundamentals of a good brew. To us, coffee roasting is the epitome of art and science, and we just can’t get enough.

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Monte Alegre - Brazil - 225g
Monte Alegre - Brazil - 225g

Monte Alegre - Brazil - 225g

The world’s largest coffee producer, coffee growers of this Brazil farm it at lower altitudes than other regions of the world & this imparts a relatively low acidity and results in a sweet, well rounded cup.

It is at it’s best as a drip coffee, it also makes for a very nice single-origin espresso—smooth with a great body. Discover notes of Peach, chocolate and hazelnut, with flavours peaking 3 weeks after roast date. Available in both espresso & filter roasts.

Monte Alegre Farms are Rainforest Certified, meeting strict standards for environmental, social, and economic sustainability.

Note: Need it ground? just mention it in your comments while ordering. Make sure you check our brew recommendation images for the roast.


In pursuit of the finest cup of coffee, we go out into the world to learn more about our craft - the four pillars of coffee: The farmer, roaster, tools for the craft & the brewristas.
In doing so, we pick up lots of helpful information that influences the way we work. Discover some of these unique insights through our guides & blog below.