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Monte Alegre - Brazil - 200g
Monte Alegre - Brazil - 200g

Monte Alegre - Brazil - 200g

The world’s largest coffee producer, coffee growers of Brazil farm at lower altitudes than other regions of the world & this imparts a relatively low acidity. This results in a sweet, well rounded cup.

At it’s best as a drip coffee, it also makes for a very nice single-origin espresso—smooth with a great body. Discover notes of peach, chocolate and hazelnut, with flavours peaking 3 weeks after roast date. Available in both espresso & filter roasts.

Monte Alegre Farms are Rainforest Certified, meeting strict standards for environmental, social, and economic sustainability.

Note: Need it ground? just mention it in your comments while ordering. Make sure you check our brew recommendation images for the roast.

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